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As it’s the Easter weekend we will keep this brief as we hope that you are taking the opportunity to reflect on an incredibly challenging year with family and friends (albeit with appropriate social distancing and safety). If you do find some time then we would recommend a review/watch/listen of the CODA podcasts and videos that are now free to access on the CODA site and on youtube. For many of us in the #FOAMed world the SMACC, and now CODA projects have been a touchstone for our community, a meeting point both intellectually and before COVID 19 physically too. The first CODA conference was due to take place in Melbourne 2020, though for obvious reasons that did not happen, with the next international face to face event due in 2022.

In the interim the team has put together a series of webinars/podcasts based on the 4 themes of CODA (Education, Ethics, Cure, Earth) which you can access here. I’ll obviously give myself a plug for contributing to the Educate session when we discussed how COVID19 nearly killed evidence based medicine, but with hindsight how COVID19 may subsequently have reinvigorated it.

More recently the first face to face meeting was held in Sydney and the videos are now available on the youtube channel here. I must admit to feeling incredibly jealous and nostalgic to see colleagues interacting in the same physical space. The panel discussions really brought home to me how much more value there is n physically meeting in an educational space as opposed to the talking heads of Zoom etc. where the non-technical aspects of interaction are so much more difficult to realise. A particular highlight of the recent videos has been Khairil Musa reflecing on a deployment to Yemen with MSF. He describs how a city with 1.8 million people which had only 7 ICU beds and how that presented a very difficult clinical and ethical challenge in responding to the pandemic in a resource poor environment.

You can view all the CODA videos on this link. I’d recommend the panel discussions on vaccines and the insights into why there is so much scepticism of their worth in some communities and how we might address this.

So if you find yourself in need of a bit of inspiration, a few moments to remember the days before COVID and what the future might be follow the links and subscribe to the channels/feeds. And whilst the world of conferences and education are probably changed forever, I do hope that this reminds us of the value of physical presence in teaching and learning. Hopefully those days are not too far away and we can once afgain meet again soon.

Have a great Easter and take some time to reflect. I’ll be spending time with the family, and also recording video presentations for conferences in places that I shall be virtually attending in the next few months (this weekend it’s Brazil).





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