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Preparation for my FRCEM SAQ and OSCE was a fairly long process of information gathering in order to develop a set of notes to work from for the SAQ, and scripts for the OSCE which I used to practice, practice, practice! 

Often, I think, we fail to appreciate the time required to gain the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to pass the new SBA and OSCE, and whilst everyone has different approaches to revision I found it really useful to try and gather everything in one place. Whilst there are a number of excellent resources available, I think a resource that attempts to gather all the information, or the links at least, in one place and focuses on the approach and technique needed to hopefully pass the exam will be a useful addition, and this is what we have aimed to do by developing this guide.

Whilst I am aware we are approaching a curriculum change, the feeling is that the knowledge and skills that will be required to pass the FRCEM exams will likely be unchanged. Where appropriate, I have been guided by the new curriculum. Whilst we endeavour to keep this guide up to date, please ensure you check the RCEM website for the most up to date exams advice.

Everything you need is accessible from the interactive contents page.

Lastly, I am just one person, if there are areas or topics that you feel haven’t been covered please email me at: [email protected]

Good luck!


April 2021

Useful Resources to get started

Note from Professor Simon Carley, Editor in Chief. St Emlyn’s Blog and Podcast

We are absolutely thrilled that Trudie has allowed us to share this incredible resource on St Emlyn’s. As you use it you will realise the huge amount of work that she has singlehandedly done to make this guide as comprehensive and usable as possible: 11 Chapters, 37 individual OSCE station guides and hundreds of links to other resources.

When Trudie first shared her draft with us we discussed how she might like to take it forward: as a printed publication; a paid for e-book; or as #FOAMed content. Her reply was instantaneous – whatever will make sure the most people are able to access it.

We hope you find this guide useful. We are planning to adapt it in the future for the MRCEM examinations (and undergraduates too)


Cite this article as: Trudie Pestell, "FRCEM Revision Guide," in St.Emlyn's, March 23, 2021,

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