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We are a team of emergency medicine and critical care specialists working to improve the education of clinicians and the care of patients.

The four pillars of learning are evidence-based medicine, clinical excellence, personal development, and the philosophical overview of emergency care. We have a strong academic faculty and reputation for high quality education presented through multimedia platforms and articles.

St Emlyn’s is a name given to a fictionalised emergency care system. This online clinical space is designed to allow clinical care to be discussed without compromising the safety or confidentiality of patients or clinicians. You can read more about the development of the blog in the Postgraduate Medical Journal article.

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Other projects

BestBets is our evidence based medicine library of over 2000 evidence based reviews in Emergency Medicine. BestBets are published in the Emergency Medicine Journal and have enabled Emergency Physicians from all over the world to learn how to practice EBM in the real world.
St Emlyn’s virtual hospital is the largest NHS hospital ever built on time and on budget. Probably because it only exists in cyberspace and because it was designed by us. Over 600 cases have been designed to cover the entirety of the FCEM curriculum. We use clinical and management cases from St Emlyn’s to teach our trainees using a case based learning approach. The St Emlyn’s classroom is based on a Moodle platform and delivers education for EPs from Foundation level right up through to consultant level in the UK.
The St Emlyn’s team are key leads for the first UK MSc in Emergency Medicine. Based at Manchester Metropolitan University St Emlyn’s acts as the core learning resource for trainees in the UK and across the world.
emerging Manchester EMERGING is a collaboration of emergency and intensive care physicians in Manchester. We are based at Central Manchester NHS Foundation trust. The group is led by Dr Rick Body, Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Honorary Lecturer at Manchester University.

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