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If you are a trainee or trainer in the Royal College of Emergency Medicine  (RCEM) then you should be familiar with the curriculum. This was recently been updated in 2015 and covers the breadth of the speciality. There will be another update in the near future so watch out for that.

You can dowload the Curriculum by clicking on the image below

Here at St.Emlyn’s we believe that #FOAMed resources can make you a better doctor AND help you get through the exams. We have linked our posts to the curriculum in three ways.

1. We have mapped all of the St Emlyn’s content to each section of the curriculum. There are separate pages for ACCS, CT3 and HST trainees all available in the drop down menu, or by clicking the links below.

2. On each page there are links to the specific areas of each curriculum. Here you can find all of the St Emlyn’s content related to that topic. Remember that some topics (e.g. headache, chest pain) appear in multiple sections.

3. Just reading the post isn’t really enough though! You should also make some reflective notes alongside the portfolio entry. Obviously you will need a mix of workplace based assessments as well as e-learning as required for your particular ARCP progression.

Acute Care Common Stem


Higher Specialty Training


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