Chapter 9 – Procedure Stations

General Approach

In these stations you may be asked to perform or teach the skill. Adopting a generic approach will help maximise your marks even if you are a little rusty on the knowledge side of things. A large proportion of the marks are given to the generic approach of the skills  rather than the minutiae.

The main thing candidates often run into trouble with is their timing. With stations aimed primarily at demonstrating skills, easy marks are often lost if candidates fail/run out of time to express their post procedure plan.

Examples include:

  • Not stating what investigations you would send post lumbar puncture; joint aspiration; etc.
  • Not confirming how you would conform correct tube placement in endotracheal intubaton and how you would maintain sedation.

For stations which also contain a teaching element see Chapter 10.


Ascertain understanding

Brief past medical history

Explain procedure and obtain consent


Perform skill/procedure

Post procedure management and close

Core procedures/skills

Skills listed in both the ACCS and HST curriculum may be assessed. The following section provides a table of procedural skills listed in the 2021 RCEM ACCS and HST curriculums. Where available links to learning resources for these skills have been provided. Skills listed in the ACCS and HST curricula may be assessed. 

The majority of suggested resources are from: St Mungo’s, Oxford Medical Education and the Geeky medics website. Youtube is also a really useful resource for visual learners.


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