Journal Club 2019 E-book

This book brings together the best of the journal club posts from the St Emlyn’s blog and podcast. Journal Clubs have been a focus of our work and research for many years, initially as a face to face entity, but in recent years more commonly online and through the use of #FOAMed and social media. The St Emlyn’s team keeps an eye out for any papers that might change ourpractice, challenge our research assumptions or which illustrate important aspects of critical appraisal. This year we bring together a range of papers that we believe to be relevant to all emergency and critical care clinicians. We don’t pretend that these papers represent a comprehensive survey of the literature, merely an interesting and accessible sample of what is out there.

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Acknowledgement and Thanks

Together with other #FOAMed blogs and podcasts we aim to help readers be up to date across their practice. In this combined effort we would like to highlight colleagues who hold similar views and invite you to visit and subscribe to their blogs. A non-exhaustive list is shown below (with our apologies if we have left any of our valued friends and partners off the list)

The Skeptic’s Guide to Emergency Medicine with Ken Milne, Chris, Anthony and Kirsty

Don’t Forget the Bubbles from the DFTB team

EMCRIT with Scott Weingart, Rory Spiegal & Josh Farkas with Cliff Reid

emlitofnote with Ryan Radecki

FOAMcast with Lauren Westafer and Jeremy Faust

The Bottom Line Duncan Chambler and colleagues on the best of ICU papers

Life in the Fast Lane as always 🙂 for weekly links to literature reviews We really hope you enjoy the summaries. As always, we’d love you to give us feedback via the blog or via our social media links.

Best wishes,

Liz Crowe and Simon Carley (Editors)

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