Cite St.Emlyn’s.

How do you cite St.Emlyn’s in a paper, thesis or even on another blog? Online it’s pretty easy to add a hypertext link to the blog and we would of course encourage you to do this.

In addition, if you want to cite in a more formal setting then you might need to know the format. Here’s how.

Vancouver style

The template for Vancouver looks like this.

Author Surname Author Initial. Title [Internet]. Publication Title. Year Published [cited Date Accessed]. Available from: http://Website URL

As  an example a recent blog on St.Emlyn’s would then look like this

Grayson, A. Futureproofing EM: Why your trainees deserve it (and your nation needs it). St.Emlyn’s. (accessed 29/08/2016).

You may find it easy to use one of the many online reference generators.

Vancouver reference generator.



Cite this article as: Simon Carley, "Cite St.Emlyn’s.," in St.Emlyn's, August 29, 2016,

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