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More on Calcium and blood products in trauma. St Emlyn’s

This week we have a nice paper that highlights some of the ongoing thoughts and controversies about the use of calcium in major haemorrhage protocols. Hopefully you’ve already read Iain’s excellent review of the matter

June/July 2022 podcast round up. St Emlyn’s

Iain and Simon run through the best of the blog from June and July 2022.

Baricitinib for hospitalised COVID19 patients. St Emlyn’s

We’ve reported on the RECOVERY trial several times already on the blog. It stands out as the most important trial of therapeutics in hospitalised patients with COVID19. In the last month the RECOVERY trial has

The EXIT study extrication consensus statements. St Emlyn’s

As several of you may know already, I’ve been spending a lot more time in the pre-hospital environment in the last few years. Despite many years working in busy emergency departments seeing many of the

The FORCE study: St Emlyn’s

As someone who works across both PEM and adult EM it’s interesting to reflect on how the workload varies. These days my adult work is heavily skewed to complex majors and resus patients. This is

#ICEM22 Melbourne – Day 3

The day opened with a sobering plenary about climate change. During the morning concurrent, I attended the Disaster session. Practitioners from around the world shared experiences and lessons from disaster level events. This session was

May 2022 podcast round up. St Emlyn’s

Our regular review of the best of the blog and podcast from May 2022. A quiet month on the blog as a result of COVID and a trip to Lithuania for the #litsem conference (more

#ICEM22 Melbourne – Day 1

Natalie May reviews day 1 of the #ICEM22 conference in Melbourne, Australia @stemlyns @_nmay #FOAMed @icem2022 @ifempreselect @ifem2

#ICEM22 Melbourne Day 2

This post contains some of the learning and reflections from Day 2 of ICEM 2022 in Melbourne (Friday). Day 2 of ICEM22 kicked off with a session on equity, chaired by Ffion Davies. The amazing,

JC: Vitamin C and sepsis (again). St Emlyn’s

The story of vitamin C in sepsis is fascinating. There was a great deal of controversy around what became known as the Marik protocol (after Prof. Paul Marik). The protocol included the use of vitamin