FRCEM QIP: The Quality Improvement Projects

Thanks Anu.

Download the guide here.


He’s right of course the new QIPs are a change from CTRs and whilst I personally don’t agree with this it’s vital that all trainers and trainees get to grips with the new projects.

If EM is to stake a claim as a serious speciality, and it is, we do need a firm academic base.We should ensure that the scientific meeting continues to showcase EM research and I am sorry to see critical appraisal arguably become less rigorous and CTRs fall by the wayside to be replaced by service support.

As Kirsty  and Charotte tell us….

So we are where we are and the Professors in their Ivory towers will do whatever is required. As a trainee you clearly should read the guidance.

As a Trainer you must do so.





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