Educational theories you must know. Spaced Repetition. St.Emlyn’s

Spaced repetition is the idea that we forget things unless we get regular reminders.

Rather than reiterate someone else’s thoughts I think it’s best to take you there right now.

Read this from Chris Nickson at LITFL on why spaced repetition matters and how we can use technology to enhance our use of it in medical education.



More in this series

  1. Maslow’s hierachy of learning needs.
  2. Constructivism and socio-constructivism
  3. Lave and Wenger’s communities of practice
  4. Spaced repetition
  5. Miller’s assessment pyramid
  6. Bloom’s taxonomy
  7. Mastery, improvement and deliberate practice
  8. Kolb’s learning cycle
  9. Lewis change model

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