Podcast – January 2019 Monthly Round Up

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Welcome to this month’s round up podcast with the St Emlyn;’s podcast. This month Simon is joined by Rick Body. Click on the play button below to listen to the podcast, or download to the podcast using your favourite podcast manager (find us on iTunes).

The key blogs this month are linked below.

2018 thoughts and reflections
New year resolutions and wellbeing. St Emlyn’s
New Year, New Tetanus Guideline. St Emlyn’s
The Journey That Matters: Dr. Clare Richmond at #stemlynsLIVE
JC: Should we premedicate for ketamine sedation? St Emlyn’s
JC: Do you see the light? Serum neurofilament light chain for prognostication following OOHCA
St Emlyn’s 2018 Critical Appraisal book.
JC: Can HEMS improve patient outcome in Traumatic Cardiac Arrest? St Emlyn’s

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