St Emlyn’s 2018 Critical Appraisal book.

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We are delighted to share the latest e-book from the St Emlyn’s team. This collates key critical appraisals from the team, published in 2018.

This is the collection of journal club posts from the St Emlyn’s online blog and podcast. We have selected important and interesting studies on prehospital, emergency and critical care. We have tried to focus on papers that are interesting and which can influence our practice. There are some significant highlights this year that should make anyone interested in resuscitation science stop and think about whether we need to change our practice.

The book is free to download from the iBook store, or as an epub from research gate.

A range of authors have contributed to this through authorship, review and revision.

Clicking this link will take you to iTunes where you can download the book for free. You can download a pdf version here

You can see our other free to download e-books here.



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