Podcast – October 2018 Monthly Round Up

Here’s our round up of the best of the blog from October 2018.

In Pursuit of Excellence with Natalie May from #stemlynsLIVE https://www.stemlynsblog.org/in-pursuit-of-excellence/

A FeminEM in NY with Natalie May Part 1. https://www.stemlynsblog.org/fix18-part-one/

JC: Cricoid Pressure, Do we still need it? Simon Carley https://www.stemlynsblog.org/jc-cricoid-pressure-and-rsi-do-we-still-need-it-st-emlyns/

Teaching and Learning in Stretched Environments with Simon Carley https://www.stemlynsblog.org/teaching-and-learning-in-stretched-environments-rsm-2018-st-emlyns/

Five free strategies to improve your resuscitations Simon Carley https://www.stemlynsblog.org/stemlynslive-five-free-strategies-to-improve-your-resuscitation-practice-st-emlyns/

PTSD and me, EMDR therapy with Rusty Carroll https://www.stemlynsblog.org/ptsd-and-me-part-3-emdr-therapy-st-emlyns/



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