Podcast: October 2018 round up St Emlyn’s

Here’s our round up of the best of the blog from October 2018.

In Pursuit of Excellence with Natalie May from #stemlynsLIVE https://www.stemlynsblog.org/in-pursuit-of-excellence/

A FeminEM in NY with Natalie May Part 1. https://www.stemlynsblog.org/fix18-part-one/

JC: Cricoid Pressure, Do we still need it? Simon Carley https://www.stemlynsblog.org/jc-cricoid-pressure-and-rsi-do-we-still-need-it-st-emlyns/

Teaching and Learning in Stretched Environments with Simon Carley https://www.stemlynsblog.org/teaching-and-learning-in-stretched-environments-rsm-2018-st-emlyns/

Five free strategies to improve your resuscitations Simon Carley https://www.stemlynsblog.org/stemlynslive-five-free-strategies-to-improve-your-resuscitation-practice-st-emlyns/

PTSD and me, EMDR therapy with Rusty Carroll https://www.stemlynsblog.org/ptsd-and-me-part-3-emdr-therapy-st-emlyns/



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Posted by Simon Carley

Simon Carley MB ChB, PGDip, DipIMC (RCS Ed), FRCS (Ed)(1998), FHEA, FAcadMed, FRCEM, MPhil, MD, PhD is Creator, Webmaster, owner and Editor in Chief of the St Emlyn’s blog and podcast. He is visiting Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University and a Consultant in adult and paediatric Emergency Medicine at Manchester Foundation Trust. He is co-founder of BestBets, St.Emlyns and the MSc in emergency medicine at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is an Education Associate with the General Medical Council and is an Associate Editor for the Emergency Medicine Journal. His research interests include diagnostics, MedEd, Major incidents & Evidence based Emergency Medicine. He is verified on twitter as @EMManchester

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