Podcast – September 2018 Monthly Round Up

Here’s the September podcast round up of the St Emlyn’s blog.

For some reason this did not get published back in 2018, so here it is now 🙂

The following blogs are discussed.

OOHCA and airway management. Do we need a tube?  http://www.stemlynsblog.org/jc-oohca-and-airway-management-do-we-need-a-tube-st-emlyns/

The Zero Point Survey. Optimising resuscitation teams in the ED. https://www.stemlynsblog.org/jc-the-zero-point-survey-optimising-resuscitation-teams-in-the-ed-st-emlyns/

Subacute and massive PE management https://www.stemlynsblog.org/we-call-it-massiiiiiiivve-pe-at-st-emlyns/

EMS Gathering and podcast https://www.stemlynsblog.org/ems-gathering-review-and-podcast-st-emlyns/

ResusTO: A simulation/resuscitation conference like no other https://www.stemlynsblog.org/resusto-a-simulation-resuscitation-conference-like-no-other/

Monkeypox has arrived https://www.stemlynsblog.org/monkeypox-has-arrived-is-the-panic-justified-st-emlyns/

Micro Machines: Sick neonates at RATH18 https://www.stemlynsblog.org/micromachines/

Equality and Diversity in EM. What I learned as a recovering racist. https://www.stemlynsblog.org/equality-and-global-health-what-i-learned-from-being-a-recovering-racist/

StEmlyn’s at EusEM (Four posts)



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