Podcast – May 2020 Monthly Round Up

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It’s been another month of Covid complexity and more. I got together with Iain Beardsell to talk through the highlights of the month on the blog and podcast.

Much has changed in May. We are now seeing the quality of trials on Covid19 increasing and we are starting to make some clear conclusions about risk factors and treatments. You’ll find details of this and more on the blog posts, and in particular on the journal club webinars and director’s cuts.

Apart from Covid, there are also posts this month on other aspects of our practice. I’d particularly recommend the global health post and the colours of the wind post as ones to read and spend a little time reflecting on them. The George Floyd murder in the US has rightly prompted many of us to reflect on our own privileges, and as the pandemic accelerates across the globe the advantages and privileges we have in high income countries reminds me that we are lucky to work in the health economies we do.

Lastly, ‘normal’ medicine continues and there is new guidance on VTE management, ably summarised by Dan Horner in two posts on the NICE guidelines, and on prescribing and investigating during the pandemic.



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