Podcast – September 2023 Monthly Round Up – Top Ten Papers and more

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In this EBM packed round-up of September 2023, Iain and Simon go over ten of the top papers from the last year discussing all manners of things Emergency Medicine, including TXA in traumause of video laryngoscopydefibrillation strategies in refractory VF, and ten-second triage in major incidents. There’s also a very pertinent discussion about whether the age of your Emergency Physician might affect your outcome…

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Top Ten Papers for SASEM 2023

We present significant research studies presented by Simon at the Saudi Arabian Society of Emergency Medicine conference. It covers a range of topics, including the effectiveness of TXA in trauma treatment, the use of video laryngoscopy, strategies for refractory ventricular fibrillation, and new triage methods for major incidents. The review emphasizes the importance of these studies in advancing emergency medical practices and highlights key findings and implications for clinical practice.

How old is your doctor?

A study from the Annals of Emergency Medicine, explored whether the age of emergency physicians affects patient mortality. The study found that younger emergency physicians (under 40 years) had patients with lower 7-day mortality rates compared to their older counterparts. This raises questions about the influence of a physician’s age on patient outcomes and suggests that ongoing training and reflection are crucial as physicians age.

RCEM Annual Scientific Conference Day 1

“Day 1 RCEM Annual Scientific Conference: Glasgow 2023” provides an overview of the conference’s first day, highlighting key speeches and sessions that address current challenges and developments in emergency medicine. The discussions cover topics such as emergency care prioritization, research integration into clinical practice, and strategies to enhance the workforce in emergency medicine amidst rising pressures.

RCEM Annual Scientific Conference Day 2

The second day of the RCEM Annual Scientific Conference in Glasgow, as summarized in the St Emlyn’s blog, featured a variety of impactful discussions and research presentations. Topics ranged from the sustainability of emergency services and global health insights to the specifics of managing emergency care for vulnerable populations like refugees. Significant contributions included insights into system-based improvements and patient-centric care advancements.

RCEM Annual Scientific Conference Day 3

The final day of the RCEM Annual Scientific Conference 2023 in Glasgow, included discussions on global health lessons, emergency medicine’s trajectory in international contexts, and presentations on recent research funded by RCEM grants. Key issues discussed were global disparities in emergency care access and the importance of localizing emergency medicine practices to fit diverse health ecosystems. The day wrapped up with insights on improving emergency care and the future of global health collaboration

Equality and global health

Steven explores personal reflections on racism and inequality, particularly in the context of global health. He discusses the stark disparities in healthcare access and quality worldwide, using personal experiences to highlight systemic injustices that persist in global health practices. The post calls for heightened awareness and active efforts to address these inequalities, promoting a more equitable healthcare environment globally.

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