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Are you as good as you think you are? St.Emlyn’s at SMACC

With just one week to go before the much anticipated SMACC conference in Dublin the St.Emlyn’s team are prepping, packing and pontificating through our final presentations and plans for what looks to be a fantastic

Countdown to smaccDUB Registration Starts Here

It’s just seven days til registration for smaccDUB opens. We know, we can hardly contain ourselves with excitement, having seen the programme which looks more cutting edge, inspirational and gender-balanced than ever before (hurrah for

#SMACCUS: A Trainee Perspective

If you’re reading this blog then I am sure you are aware that last week Chicago played host to the super-galactic conference that is SMACC. Equally, I am sure you have read summary upon summary

#smaccUS Day 2 and 3 round up. St.Emlyn’s

We had the greatest aspirations at #smaccUS to put a podcast out every night, honestly we really did. We had plans, microphones, people, aspirations and desire. Sadly there is also the issue of reality and

My top 5 reasons to attend #SMACC this year…

  So I am back from an amazing few days in Chicago where the most amazing medical conference of the world just took place at McCormick place in Chicago (USA). As a FOAM(ed) convert and

#smaccUS day 1. A bountiful cornucopia of Medutainment.

Day one at #smaccUS did not disappoint. An amazing musical start to the day followed by an intense plenary session with some of the luminaries of the #FOAMed movement. The five concurrent sessions were a

#smaccUS day 0 – the workshops. St.Emlyn’s

The St.Emlyn’s team (well some of them) are currently at the greatest conference in the world. If you don’t know about Social Media and Critical Care Conference then seriously you must have been living under

Feeling Fit in Chicago: Join the smaccRUN!

Details of the long anticipated smaccRUN 2015 are finally here. Have a listen to the promo podcast featuring the seriously skilled, incredibly athletic half-man, half-machine that is Jesse Spurr, friend of St Emlyns and ICU Nurse

Join St.Emlyn’s at SMACC in Chicago. You know you should.

This week we got the wake up call from the SMACC organising committee. It’s time to have our slides and presentations ready for the greatest conference ever on emergency medicine, critical care and prehospital care.

SIMWARS: Med-U-Tainment at SMACCGold with St.Emlyn’s

In 2014, as in 2013, the SMACC conference arguably ended where it all began, in the roots of resuscitation, with clinical teams coming together to resuscitate and compete against the challenges of knowledge, skill, attitude

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