#smaccUS Day 2 and 3 round up. St.Emlyn’s


We had the greatest aspirations at #smaccUS to put a podcast out every night, honestly we really did. We had plans, microphones, people, aspirations and desire. Sadly there is also the issue of reality and despite the attempt to take our Hogwarts certified time-turner to Chicago we simply ran out of time. From the moment we woke to the moment we briefly we went to sleep we rode a wave of enlightenment that never reached a beach.

On stage with Dave Newman, @PhenomenalDocs @Eleytherius @oliflower @sherbino

The big news on day 2 was that smacc will be in Dublin for 2016. For everyone in Europe (on a limited budget) that’s fantastic. Dublin is the birthplace of #FOAMed as the term was coined there in 2012. I have no doubt that it will once again raise the bar for medical conferences. Keep an eye on the site because there will only be 2000 tickets in 2016 and we believe that it’s going to be a sell out. We were not the first to consider smacc to be a rock concert, but in some ways it has a similar positive feel about it. Don’t let that put you off though, the science and learning is second to none. Make your plans and come join the greatest meeting of resuscitationists on the planet at #smaccDUB,

In this podcast we review some of our highlights and thoughts on some of the great talks we experienced. Remember that these talks will be released through the year on the intensive care network. Make sure you subscribe, follow @smaccteam on twitter and join in the #FOAMlove.



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