The dawn of summer 2015 has been quite an emotional rollercoaster for the #FOAMed world. SMACC US was probably at least twice as awesome as it was hyped up to be – and that’s quite something. If you were there, I’m sure you’re feeling energised, re-invigorated and I know you can’t wait to book your tickets for Dublin next year. It’s not all been laughter and smiles, of course. Part of the beauty of SMACC is the emotional journey it takes us on. We all laughed and cried at Liz Crowe as she entertained us then told us a heart-wrenching story of the death of a child that I’m sure touched every one of us. We laughed at Tim Leuwenberg’s graphic demonstration of how it’s OK to be vulnerable (check the pictures on Twitter if you don’t know what I’m talking about) and we cried at Iain Beardsell’s unbelievably moving account of an unsuccessful resuscitation attempt in a child.

A conference is an opportunity to learn in so many ways – not just to improve our explicit knowledge but also the tacit – the emotional intelligence, the mental checklists, the subconscious processes we must go through as clinicians. It can have that re-invigorating effect. It can bring us together as a community and better prepare us to face the challenges of our everyday practice.

With that in mind, you probably won’t want to wait a whole year to get to #smaccDUB. So it’s lucky that you won’t have to. The Annual Scientific Conference of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine will be held from 28th to 30th September this year, in Manchester – and we hope it will deliver all of the things that we find so great about SMACC. I have the huge privilege of chairing the organising committee. You might say that I was a bit daft to take that on, given that I’m also chairing the scientific committee for #EuSEM15 in Turin (10th – 14th October – and that also promises to be awesome – more on that another time!). However, this was too good an opportunity to miss.

So, what have we got in store for you?…


I get by with a little help from my friends

My first job was to get an organising committee together. This isn’t so challenging when you have people like Simon Carley, Natalie May, Dan Horner and many more amazing people on your doorstep. What a team!

Second, we set a theme. Now we want to have a good time and we reckon you do too. So we took our inspiration from some of Manchester’s finest – The Happy Mondays – and we set the theme 24-HOUR EM PEOPLE: THE SPECIALTY THAT NEVER SLEEPS

When and where?

28th to 30th September, 2015. Save the dates! In fact, don’t just save them – book your study leave if not already!

The conference will be at Manchester Central – the premier conference venue in Manchester, right in the city centre, really close to transport links and within walking distance of as many bars, restaurants and hotels as you could possibly dream of. The rooms are fantastic, most notably the impressive Exchange Auditorium and an exhibition area large enough for Man United to play in.

What about the programme?

Well, now you’re asking. Confirmed speakers include Scott Weingart (keynote speaker), Salim Rezaie, Mike Mallin, Matt Dawson (of The Ultrasound Podcast), Cliff Reid, Roy Lilley, Maureen Baker (Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners), Richard Usher (head of medical practice at Team Sky), Jeremy Faust, Kerstin De Wit. Gareth Davies, Karim Brohi, Mark Wilson, Ross Fisher, Nick Mills, Tim Harris, Rom Duckworth, Paul Mouncey (1st author of the ProMISe trial), Gavin Perkins (of the PARAMEDIC trial and much more), Tony Redmond (Professor of Disaster Medicine who led the NHS response to Ebola), Edd Carlton, Nick Jenkins and so many more I just couldn’t list them.

Of course, this is a Manchester conference so you can also expect to hear from Simon, Nat, Iain (OK, he’s from Southampton – but we’d kind of like to claim him), myself and many of our local heroes – including Dan Horner, Fiona Lecky (head of UK TARN and Chair of the NICE head injury guideline committee), Chris Moulton (that man can really speak – wait and see if you haven’t heard him before!), Bernard Foex (he will get you thinking – I promise!) and Carole Gavin (on running a Sexual Assault Referral Centre).

You can see the latest programme here.

Anything else?

Heck, yes!

If you’re into your ultrasound, look out for the Sonowar run by Matt and Mike and joined by Erik Sloth, Rip Gangahar and many more. Just in case you didn’t know, the sonowars at SMACC were the ultimate in medutainment – check the highlights of the 2014 sonowar out here.

In case that wasn’t enough, you should make sure you’re in Manchester on 27th September too because we have THE MOST AWESOME ULTRASOUND WORKSHOP EVER TO BE HELD IN THE UK. Seriously, the faculty is pretty impressive. Matt and Mike will be joined by the leading ultrasound faculty internationally – check the details out and register here. For the ultrasound gurus among you, the advanced workshop will take you from guru to uber-meister. For the beginners, it’ll take you from novice to awesome. There’s something for everyone – and (don’t tell RCEM) but CHECK OUT THE PRICE – £120! I’m almost laughing with giddiness because that’s virtually #FOAMed for such an awesome workshop!

For the abstracts we’ll have e-posters. We’ll have Simbulance (INSIDE!) and an awesome Sim Stars competition.

What about the party?

You really don’t want to miss the reception drinks on the first evening at Manchester Art Gallery, where we’ll be entertained by the Manchester String Quartet playing contemporary music. If you’re cool (and you must be because you’re reading this) then you’ll enjoy this, I promise. This will be followed by #FOAMaoke.

The dinner will be on the Tuesday evening at the Midland Hotel and we’ll even have #FOAMed DJs: Dan Horner and Henry Morriss will be on the decks.

OK, just shut up and tell us how to register

Register right here, right now – and join us at this unique, once in a lifetime RCEM party. I mean conference.

You can also check out Simon and Iain’s take on this and more in our podcast


Before you go please don’t forget to…

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