June 2023 Podcast. St Emlyn’s

Our regular round up of the blog from June 2023 with Iain and SImon. It’s a bumper month in June with lots of posts to help you be the best clinicians you can be, with a focus on the very sickest patients in the ER and in prehospital care.

JC: The PATCH trial. TXA in major trauma. St Emlyn’s
Just a routine resuscitation. The AMAX4 algorithm for anaphylaxis/asthma. St Emlyn’s

The PREMIER Wessex Conference – Day 1
The PREMIER Wessex Conference – Day 2
ICS #SOA23 – Day 1
ICS #SOA23 – Day 2
ICS #SOA23 – Day 3

Etomidate for RSI induction? St Emlyn’s
Contrast Induced Nephropathy – sense at last. St Emlyn’s
Packers, Pushers and Stuffers – Drug Concealment in the ED
The Physiologically Difficult Airway
Training for HALO procedures. Part 2: Personal Preparation. St Emlyn’s
NICE Head Injury Guidelines 2023: Now who do we scan?
GECCo: UK global health projects, programmes & research – who does what in emergency care?

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