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REBOA with Zaf Qasim. St Emlyn’s

This week we are publishing a podcast with Zaf Qasim on REBOA. Zaf is a St Emlyn’s team member and Virchester alumnus although he now works over in the US having completed his critical care fellowships there some years ago. You can check his work in Pennsylavania by following him on twitter @ResusOne

Zaf has forged a special interest in endovascular resuscitation and is uniquely placed to talk about this from both UK and US perspectives. We managed to get him on the podcast to talk about the practicalities and evidence behind REBOA, which is somewhat less robust than you might think.

Here in Virchester we do not have the ability to perform REBOA in the ED, although it is technically possible in the interventional radiology suite/trauma theatre. In reality my impression is that we have few patients that might benefit from it, but I was really interested to hear what Zaf felt about REBOA in the UK setting.

Click on the link below to play the podcast.

You can read more about REBOA and the recent ASCOT statements using the links below.

EMCrit guest post – the good, the bad, the ugly of the (original) Joint Statement

Updated 2019 Joint Statement from the ACS-COT, ACEP, NAEMSP, and NAEMT:

London Air Ambulance Prehospital REBOA Case series:



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