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RCEM launches wellness compendium for Emergency Medicine. St Emlyn’s

Back in April 2018 the St Emlyn’s team developed and published ‘The Resuscitionist’s guide to Health and Wellbeing”. That represented the work of the team in addressing how we can look after ourselves and others in emergency medicine. We’re proud to say that it’s had thousands of downloads and (we think) it’s been helpful.

If you want to download our book you can do from here.

However, you will almost certainly also want to download a new open access publication from the Royal College of Emergency Medicine. This week they launched the “Wellness Compendium iBook”. It’s a practical guide across a range of issues which should be relevant to all clinicians.

RCEM have taken a slightly different approach to us, focusing more on brief outlines to topics with links to further resources, which is great as the two documents compliment each other well with the St Emlyn’s blogs offering an expansion to the core content. We would encourage you to disseminate them to all staff in your departments, and even if you don’t agree with everything in them there is no doubt that many in your department will.

How to download.

You may also be interested in the EM-POWER document that has also been produced by RCEM as a guide to retaining your established EM staff. It’s a great document applicable to the UK and internationally

Well done to the Sustainable Working Practice Group at RCEM for putting these documents together. Emergency medicine is nothing without it’s workforce, and although times are tough there are many things that we can do to look after ourselves and our colleagues.

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