Podcast – June and July 2020 Monthly Round Up

Our own version of Buy One Get One Free* this month, where you get a round up of two months of blog content.

Coronavirus continues to dominate the medical (and non-medical) headlines, and we discuss the two major results from the RECOVERY trial published recently, one positive and one not so (depending on who you talk to….). Simon also catches up with Roberto Cosentini, who you’ll remember from the very powerful podcast at the beginning of the pandemic.

COVID isn’t the only EBM circus in town though: we’ve reviewed HALT-IT and Simon has given a talk about the “Ten Top Trauma Papers” of the last year and Laura reviewed a paper looking at haloperidol for headaches.

We’re having to think even harder about how we communicate in the ED, both for clinical care and to deliver education. Two ideas to help learning have been featured this month: The St Emlyn’s Lesson Plans and “Background Learning“. For more information about the Lesson Plans have a listen to this special edition of the podcast.

Good luck to all those starting in Emergency Medicine, and a huge thank you to all those who are moving to other areas of medicine or other departments. It’s been a curious few months…

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*It’s actually Get One Free Get Another Free, but whose ever heard of that?

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