JC Cryo + TXA for trauma apparently it also MATTERS. St.Emlyn’s

Thanks to Karim for a heads up on this one. Just a quick post this time, but another paper looking at the use of tranexamic acid in trauma and in this case the potential synergistic

JC: Does Magnesium work in asthma? St.Emlyn’s

This is a roller coaster journey  for me. Many years ago Virchester ED was one of the first hospitals to start using Magnesium for the treatment of acute severe asthma. This prompted great concern amongst

It’s Good to Talk – Debrief in the Emergency Department

There is so much I could write about the role and value of our own humanity in the Emergency Department although much of it has been said before by people far wiser than me. But

JC: Cullen on high sensitivity Troponin. St.Emlyn’s

There has been much debate about the use of high sensitivity troponins in the ED over the last year, but the picture is getting clearer as we see more trials looking at the utility of

Developing EM – ethical Emergency Medicine in Cuba. St.Emlyn’s

Lee Fineberg and Mark Newcombe are Emergency Physicians and Helicopter-Retrieval specialists from Australia, but more than that they seem to be a couple of top chaps who have devoted a great deal of time and

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Sir Alex Ferguson and Emergency Medicine

This week Sir Alex Ferguson retired as the manager of Manchester United Football Club, after 26 highly successful years in charge.  Sir Alex has been an inspiration to me, in my life and my career.

Joe Lex at St. Emlyn’s

On Thursday 25th April 2013 we were honoured to have Dr. Joe Lex at St. Emlyn’s as the first ever Visiting Professor in our virtual hospital.  What a way to start, with the man who has

JC: Is that IV really needed?

Just a quick review of a thought provoking paper in the Annals of Emergency Medicine from a group of docs in Melbourne Australia. It’s thought provoking as I suspect that this reflects practice in many

JC: Delta signs for shock trauma. St.Emlyn’s

I recently had a bit of fun at the Telford trauma conference talking about the top 10 papers of 2012 and in passing mentioned the #dogmalysis of ATLS shock categories published in Resuscitation last year

How to cope when your registrar knows more than you do. St.Emlyn’s

A few years ago…… Resus. 2300 hours. A man in his 60s is brought to the ED looking pretty sick. He is normally fit and well but has had a cough for the last week,

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