Podcast – March 2020 Monthly Round Up

March has been an incredibly busy month on St Emlyn’s, and we had our highest number of blog views and podcast listens ever.

There has been an awful lot to catch up on, admittedly a lot of it COVID-19 related. Simon recorded a fascinating podcast with Roberto Cosentini, an Emergency Physician in Northern Italy, discussing his experience of Coronavirus and how his healthcare system had tried to cope. Without doubt this opened the eyes of many in the UK to what was to come (and has now arrived for many).

We had lots more COVID-19 content too (unsurprisingly), including a podcast with Liz Crowe discussing fear and anxety during the pandemic, a children’s Q&A, a primer for non ICU physicians and the potential of lung ultrasound in diagnosis.

But it’s not been entirely Coronvirus (not quite). There are also posts about the Diploma in Immediate Care, the use of AVP in haemorrhagic shock, a great article on “Patient Flow” (yes, the four hour target will still be a thing long after coronavirus goes away) and a very thoughtful post from Natalie May about her own recent experiences.

You can listen to the Podcast here.

For those of you Spotify types, we/re delighted to say that the podcast is now also available to stream and follow there too.

We’ve even made some handy playlists for you to indulge in nothing but induction, troponin or Liz Crowe.

Have a great month, take care and remember this to soon will pass.

All best,


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