Covid19: Induction materials for docs redeployed to Emergency Medicine. St Emlyn’s

I think everyone is struggling with staffing issues at the moment. A combination of sickness and self isolation is decimating staffing rota in EDs around the world.

Use these resources to share with those coming to ED for the first time, or perhaps after a gap in training. Please share widely.

In Virchester we have a robust system to identify other clinicians who can come to support our rotas. These are clinicians who have redeployed to the ED to support us. This is fabulous and very welcome, but they need training and induction at a time when we are very, very busy. This is not a great combination but we believe that #FOAMed can play a vital role here.

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine has removed any firewalls that blocked access to induction content. You can use this to help redeployed staff to prepare for work in the ED without the requirement to deliver this face to face. At this time that clearly has a great number of advantages. Click here or on the picture below to access the site.

You can also follow the St Emlyn’s induction resources on the following link.

You can also follow St Emlyn’s resources on Covid19 here. We will try and keep this page up and running during the pandemic.


Lastly don’t forget our Free and open access books available here.

Many people who are facing redeployment will be understandably anxious. We hope that these Free, Open Access, Medical Education resources will support them and you in getting them up to speed.



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Thanks so much for following. Viva la #FOAMed

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