Karim Brohi on Vascular Injury at the London Trauma Conference

Vascular injury

No conversation about the evolution of trauma care in the UK is complete without a mention of Karim Brohi, Vascular and Trauma Surgeon, Professor of Trauma Sciences, friend of St Emlyn’s and all-round nice chap. His site trauma.org was sharing FOAM for 18 years before it was even called FOAM and he is a fantastic example of how social media can bring expert knowledge to those who need it – tweet him a question on vascular injury or trauma coagulopathy and he’ll answer.

Karim and I caught up at the London Trauma Conference back in December when he was kind enough to summarise the key points of his talk about vascular injury which you can hear in the super-short podcast below. We also talked about time-critical recognition of the ischaemic injured limb in the Emergency Department and shred some dogma around hard and soft signs as well as exploring the role of interventional radiology for vascular injuries in major trauma centres.

Don’t forget that Karim will be at SMACC this year (haven’t you registered yet?) and has recently confirmed his appearance at the CEM Conference in Manchester – more on that later!



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