Podcast – February 2020 Monthly Round Up

Every month we try and podcast the best and the brightest from the blog. This month it’s a little different as there really is only one story in town at the moment, and that’s Covid-19.

I got together with Iain Beardsell to talk through how we are feeling in this ‘phoney war’ phase of the pandemic. We know it’s coming and I suspect that many of you will already be dealing with the first few patients coming through. We certainly are seeing our first cases in Virchester and it’s worrying to think where we might be in a few days or weeks.

We’ve planned the podcast in a kind of pro/con debate. Iain is certainly the glass half full guy, I’m rather more concerned. Even though we are coming at this from different angles there is a lot of agreement.

  • It’s going to be really tough
  • We are going to have to make some tough decisions
  • Some of us will get sick
  • We must not ignore all our other patients. In fact we could do a lot of harm by labelling everything as Covid-19. Some resp patients won’t be.
  • We will have to look after the wider team.
  • We will have to welcome, thank, educate and support non-ED staff to work in our environment.
  • Our personal outcomes for this event will be influenced by the R in the E+R=O equation (see philosophies of St Emlyn’s).
  • We will get through this.

We’ve also talked through the blogs from February. Links below.

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