CODA update (the program is out). St Emlyn’s

2020 promises a range of incredible conferences, many of which will be supported by the St Emlyn’s team. We’ve already told you about the #stemlynsLIVE conference in May, and we are especially looking forward to the #BadEM conference in March, but the big one later this year will be the CODA conference in Melbourne, Australia.

This week the provisional program was released which gives a much better view of what the conference will be about. We’ve spent a lot of time getting a great balance between the clinical aspects of the program and the wider philosophical and environmental aspects.

Personally I think you can still see the DNA of the SMACC conferences, but there is also a clear progression into a wider audience and breadth of topics. The aim is very much to cooperate with the clinical community to enact real change for delegates, clinicians and patients.

Examples from day 1 of the conference.

There is still a lot of work to do in the background to make it happen of course. The team is working on the venue and the social events (which will be fabulous) and extending the range of workshops to include specialities that were previously not part of the core SMACC EM/CC/PHEM/Paeds axis. I’m also looking forward to seeing how the 4 main themes, Cure, ethics, earth and educate ling together. There’s a lot of clinical learning woven into all 4 themes too. Finally, there is a lot of work in the background to look at the impact of the conference, such as the clinical and cultural impacts as well as the carbon impacts of conferences like this. This will be one of the first international medical conferences to really look at its own environmental impact.

SMACC changed conferences for ever, and changed the way that we teach, train, learn and educate. CODA seeks to share and precipitate similar changes to a wider audience and on world wide topics.

Registration will be open soon on the 1st April 2020.



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