St Emlyn’s in Review – October 2017

It’s great to be back podcasting again after what has been a busy few months, We’re sorry for the hiatus, but occasionally other stuff gets in the way!

Here we review some of the amazing content from the St Emlyn’s blog site from the last few weeks and generally chew the fat about the state of Emergency Medicine in the UK.

We have plans for a new podcast series that we hope to announce (and release) very soon and will be doing our best to bring you more regular episodes in the future.

In this podcast we discuss the following:

1:00 – How to declare a Major Incident –

3:10 –  RCEM ASC 2017 – Update on the TiLLI study –

6:03 – The rise and SURPRISE of the DOACs –

8:08 – Life as an EM Trainee in South Africa –

9:26 – Rheum for Improvement? The physical challenge of EM training – Harriet’s website is here  –

10:47 – JC: Oxygen in ACS. A fuss about nothing? The DETO2X Trial – Paper is here –

11:57 – Is cMyC the new troponin –

13:00 – Who gets a Tetanus? You get a Tetanus! –

14:22 – Mass Casualty Incidents: Lessons from AAST –

15:00 – The Annual Scientific Conference and the State of EM. Although not detailed in this podcast you might want to check out this blog post on new staffing models for UK emergency departments.

All best,

Iain (@docib)

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