#MedEd: The Future’s Bright. The Future’s #Social


One of the most awesome developments at St. Emlyn’s over the last year or so has been the St. Emlyn’s events that we’ve started running.  The godfather of #FOAM himself, Joe Lex, was our first ever Visiting Professor last year, and he gave an amazing talk to inspire us all.

Joe Lex at St. Emlyn's
Joe Lex at St. Emlyn’s

He followed that up with a return visit in June before we were totally honoured to have the one and only Victoria Brazil entertain and educate us just a few months ago.  If you missed it, damn – where were you?  But, don’t worry, you can still of course find all the details at the St. Emlyn’s blog…

Joe Lex at the inaugural St. Emlyn’s event

Joe Lex’s return visit courtesy of Manchester Medical Society Emergency Medicine section

When Victoria Brazil came to St. Emlyn’s

They’re quite some acts to follow so I guess you’d have to be absolutely stupid to try.  But three people are apparently that stupid.  And I’m one of them.  Simon, Nat and I will be running another bespoke St. Emlyn’s event with the Manchester Medical Society Emergency Medicine section.  The only downside (and it’s a big downside but unfortunately unavoidable) is that our beloved Iain can’t join us for geographical reasons.  (We keep telling him that he needs to move to Manchester but he won’t listen!)

If you’re not there, we assume you must either be busy saving lives or, like Iain, you live really far away.  But please do come – it promises to be another awesome gathering of terrific people.  We’ll start at 6.30pm in the Stopford Building at The University of Manchester with tea and coffee.  The three of us will then talk at 7 on ‘#MedEd: The Future’s Bright, the Future’s #Social’.  We’ll give you the inside story from St. Emlyn’s – how and why we set it up, why we do it, what good it does for us and for Emergency Medicine, and we’ll give you some insights about how and why you should get involved too.

Victoria Brazil at St. Emlyn's

After that, it really will get ‘#social’ because we’re off for drinks and dinner.  We hope you can join us.  It should be awesome!


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