Simon, Rick and Natalie LIVE at Manchester Medical Society!

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By now I’m sure you know that Simon, Nat and Rick will be giving talks for the Manchester Medical Society Emergency Medicine section on Tuesday 25th November 2014 about #MedEd: The Future’s Bright.  The Future’s #Social.  This is a great opportunity for the #FOAMed community who live close enough to Manchester to get together, have a great evening and celebrate all that’s good about #FOAMed.  Simon will talk about what social media can do for education.  I’ll be talking about what social media can do for research.  And Nat will be talking about what social media can do for every single emergency physician.

Sadly, not everyone lives within a reasonable distance of Manchester.  Iain is, of course, the most notable absence, which (if we’re totally honest) does leave a gaping hole that’s impossible to fill.  And there are so many others from the #FOAMed community who can’t join us – we just wish that you could.

With that in mind, we’ve set up a live stream.  We’re totally honoured that Anne Creaton (@annecreaton), Chris Cresswell (@EMTutor) and Amit Sewak (@sewak69) are interested in joining us from as far away as Fiji.  We think this would be incredible – and, in the true spirit of #FOAMed we really want to make this happen.

So, if you can spare the time, join us via the live stream, which you can find the link to below.  We’ll be talking from 7pm GMT on 25th November 2014.  You can convert that to your own local time here.  We hope you can join us!  Please do join the conversation by commenting or asking questions.  I’ll be checking the comments section of this blog post, Twitter and my YouTube channel for comments and questions so that you can ask them live.  It would be totally awesome to hear from you.  It’s a small world, after all!

(Ed: Many apologies if that’s set the Disney song going in your head)




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