February 2021 podcast

February 2021 Round Up Podcast. St Emlyn’s

Our regular podcast round up from February 2021. Iain and Simon highlight the key learning points from this month on the St Emlyn’s blog and podcast. Please remember to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes/Google Play and please do leave us some reviews and ratings there.

Find links to all the articles below.

JC: Canadian TIA risk score. St Emlyn’s
Changing Clinical Standards for Emergency Care. St Emlyn’s
JC: RECOVERY trial shows Tocilizumab effective for COVID19. St Emlyn’s
JC: The NoPAC trial. TXA does not work for epistaxis. St Emlyn’s
Am I going to die? Communicating COVID-19 test results and risk
Tocilizumabulous? A special offer on IL-6 with Tocilizumab.

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