All Shook Up – Diffuse Axonal Injury with John Hell

Diffuse Axonal Injury stemlynsRegular readers will be aware that Virchester is primarily based in the heartland of the industrial North of England, but in an audacious merger they joined forces with one the country’s major teaching hospitals in the sunny South.


John Hell is a Neurointensivist at University Hospital Southampton and very kindly gave up an afternoon to record his thoughts and share his considerable wisdom about Diffuse Axonal Injury.

I also managed to get him to discuss some other topics including the choice of induction agents and intravenous fluids in patients with head injury.

This all came about after a very well received talk he gave at our local Major Trauma M&M and the slides that accompanied that talk are here.

The Wessex Neurological Centre has also made all of their guidelines freely available for all and can be found online here –

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