Developing EM – Support an African Delegate

Developing EM AFCEMEmergency Medicine is an emerging specialty the world over and we at St Emlyns wholeheartedly support the fantastic Developing EM conference and its aims. Teaching and learning collaboratively across geographical borders is a challenge; teaching and learning across huge resource disparity is an even bigger one.

The African Federation of Emergency Medicine relies on financial support to assist delegates to attend its meetings. The second AFCEM conference is not far off but donations have been hit heavily in the wake of Ebola.

If you’ve ever been to a medical conference you know how amazing it feels to meet like-minded clinicians, to share knowledge and experience, build friendships and partnerships and to problem-solve together. African EM clinicians need your help in order to be able to attend the AFCEM meeting in Addis Ababa next month.

Please support an African delegate – any financial contribution will help. You can Support a Delegate here.

You can read more about how this can make a difference in this great piece by Katrin Hruska over at Life in the Fast Lane.

Support an African delegate – together we can build EM the world over.

Before you like or share this post, make sure you have donated at least a small contribution to AFEM here.

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Posted by Natalie May

Dr. Natalie May, MBChB, MPHe, MSc, PGCert Medical Education, FRCEM, FACEM is section lead for paediatrics and medical education. She is an Editorial Board Member of the St Emlyn’s blog and podcast. She is a specialist in Emergency Medicine (Australia) and a Specialist in Emergency Medicine with Paediatric Emergency Medicine (UK). She works as Staff Specialist in Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine with the Ambulance Service of New South Wales (aka Sydney HEMS). She also works as aStaff Specialist, Emergency Medicine, St George Hospital (South Eastern Sydney Local Health District). Her research interests include medical education, particularly feedback; gender inequity in healthcare; paediatric emergency medicine. You can find her on twitter as @_NMay

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