Developing EM – ethical Emergency Medicine in Cuba. St.Emlyn’s


Lee Fineberg and Mark Newcombe are Emergency Physicians and Helicopter-Retrieval specialists from Australia, but more than that they seem to be a couple of top chaps who have devoted a great deal of time and energy into sharing emergency medicine around the world.

Last year they organised the first Developing EM conference in Sydney aimed at spreading the skills and knowledge of emergency medicine to a global audience. I did not go myself, but followed the social media streams online and also heard great things from those who attended.

Hand's up if you want to come to Cuba
Hand’s up if you want to come to Cuba

This year the conference moves to Cuba. The program looks great and the location is superb, but more importantly than that the location reflects the aim of the conference by sharing EM ideas in an interesting location. The St.Emlyn’s team are currently in a process of negotiation with family, friends and colleagues to try and make it across the Atlantic in September 2013. We’d love it if you did too.

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Click on the links to read more about the program, the authors and the organisers. This looks to be one of the best conferences of the year, with an ethical and inclusive approach to learning. Something that all of us #FOAMites would endorse.

Finally, in the words of the organisers, why are they doing this and why should you come?

“providing a clinically relevant emergency and critical care educational experience in an interesting destination, at the same time as interacting and supporting local systems– Mark Newcomb

“bringing our specialist faculty and conference delegates to these regions they will have the opportunity to meet colleagues from these regions, maintain connections, and hopefully even work in these regions in the future.” – Lee Fineberg
















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