SMACCGold EBM workshop with St.Emlyns and Critical Care Reviews

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With just 9 weeks to go there is still time to register for the Evidence Based Medicine workshop on the Gold Coast.

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Rob Sweeney, Rick Body and myself will be taking a half day to move you beyond the simple reading of papers to developing strategies for making evidence change your practice and improve care for your patients. You will know Rick and myself from St.Emlyn’s and our work in EBM particularly in relation to emergency medicine. The star turn is Rob Sweeney though. Rob runs critical care reviews which is arguably the most comprehensive and amazing EBM site in the world for critical care. How he does it is beyond us and I will be learning as much from him as will anyone else on the course. It really will be the finest collaboration of EM and CC EBM strategists in one place at one time ever.

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Past workshops with the BestBets team have shown us that we can help colleagues embed evidence based practice into their own work and that of others around them.

Firstly though we want you to take a test, and we want you to be honest about it. Back in 2007 we published a paper in the EMJ which was a little tongue in cheek, but with a serious side. Imagine if your favourite medical journal had a guest editor from one of those glossy lady magazines with a self help quiz (I’m thinking Cosmopolitan here in the UK). How would they ask the readers about their EBM habits? Let’s just imagine that we were able to do that back in 2007 and take the test here.

Click here to take the quiz and find out if you are an evidence based emergency physician.

How did you score? If you scored less than 25 then the SMACCGold EBM workshop is for you. If you scored 25-30 then you can come help on the faculty!

On the day we will be showing you how to formulate the right questions, find what’s relevant and discuss ways of translating all your hard work back into patient care. This is not just about teaching you EBM, this is about making you into an EBM clinician. Sure, you can go to the airway workshop to learn that once in a lifetime technique, or to mess around with video laryngoscopes. Those workshops will be lots of fun, but if you want to make a real difference then come along to the EBM half day and change the way that you practice everyday, every week and forever.


See you on the Gold Coast.






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