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Critical appraisal is a core skill for all emergency physicians. You must stay up to date with the literature…, but there is just SO much of it. What should you believe and what should you ignore? It can be difficult if you do not have the basic skills of critical appraisal. Hopefully you will have picked these up during your training, but unless you are a complete geek then you’re probably not using them everyday.

It’s a bit like RSI in the ED (Ed – this link is SO tenuous you know but Minh and Tim will be pleased), what you need is a checklist!

So here are the #FOAM checklists from the BestBets website. We put these together a few years ago and they have stood the test of time. They are great if you are prepping for an exam (like the UK CTRs) or if you just need a bit of help for your next presentation at Journal Club.

Enjoy, and if you use them, why not upload them onto the critical appraisal database for others to share and enjoy, or take it one stage further and submit a BET.



Common checklists


Specialised checklists



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