CODA: Revolutionary Healthcare Ideas.

For many of us the SMACC conferences were the highlight of the education year. For 6 years the team challenged dogma and changed the world of medical conferences for ever, but it all came to an end in Sydney 2019. Or did it? At that final conference it was announced that the SMACC team were joining together with the George Institute and the New England Journal of Medicine to take on a broader remit, to involve more specialities and clinicians and to tackle the biggest issues in healthcare.

This is how CODA was born.

Since then I’ve been asked countless times about the new project. People want to know if it’s really different to SMACC and whether it will still cater for the same style and content that we became accustomed to. The answer is yes and no.

CODA will still focus on excellence in education, critical care, emergency medicine, engagement and breaking the boundaries of what a conference can deliver. The four main themes for the first CODA conference are Earth, Cure, Educate and Ethics, with a mission to expand these themes beyond the conference and with a planned sustainability program to link and develop these across future CODA conferences. There is a lot of work going into how we can make the outcomes from the conference sustainable and actionable. CODA aims to make things happen after and between conferences and not just for the few days we meet in Melbourne.

You can read more about the program here. It is not finalised as yet, but the sneak previews I have seen have convinced me that it will be worth getting involved. See for outline of how the conference will run.

What is absolutely clear to me, as a member of the exec, is that CODA will absolutely cater to those who enjoyed attending, following or simply being a follower of the SMACC conference, speakers and/or content. It will also have a broader appeal and will bring our community together to tackle issues such as climate change. It’s going to be more ambitious, bigger, better and more inclusive than ever before. I’m obviously biased, but I’m super excited about this project.

Read more on the CODA website and sign up to get regular updates.



CODA website

SMACC conferences on St Emlyns

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