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Clifford_MannThis week has seen some real progress on the crisis in emergency medicine recruitment within the UK. Health Education England appears to be taking recruitment really seriously with a document released this week stating how we will bring more trainees into the system. If you are interested in UK EM then this is a must read and you can read it here.

HEE EM-publication-Nov131

You should also read the blog at EMJ (only because I wrote it of course 😉 ) and following that listen to Cliff Mann the president of the College of Emergency Medicine on his podcast for EMJ/BMJ.

I completely agree with Cliff in his advice to anyone thinking about a career in EM – ‘there’s never been a better time to be in emergency medicine’.

Cliff must surely be a candidate for St.Emlyn’s clinician of the year and you really should follow him on Twitter.



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  1. Interesting podcast
    Imaginative incentives, evening/night shift pattern recognition v pay, & sorting “exit blocking”/ Hosp tarif system adjustment. Sound ambitious and may actually really help. I wonder if timescale on these components may be elusive. If so Enhanced recruitment changes may not be sustained as an effective solution.

    Retention a universal problem no doubt

    “time pressure [ √ ], degree of control regarding work [+/-], work pace [√] and level of chaos [√]……..
    Hospital leaders are beginning to understand this equation [?]……
    Some of the solutions to physician burnout may be relatively simple and inexpensive [+/-]……”



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