Beyond ATLS with Alan Grayson at #stemlynsLIVE. St Emlyn’s

Another of our videos and podcasts from the #stemlynsLIVE conference. This month it’s Alan Grayson on the role of ATLS in trauma management. If you listen to the twittersphere then ATLS seems to have a terrible reputation, but is that entirely justified?

Perhaps not, and perhaps there are many things that we should be doing ourselves before we criticise a course that was never designed for a major trauma centre setting (although it has been advocated to be so).

Sadly we had a few audio-visual problems on the day and so there was a little bit of a struggle with the slides at the beginning. I hope that does not detract from the learning.



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1 thought on “Beyond ATLS with Alan Grayson at #stemlynsLIVE. St Emlyn’s”

  1. Great Talk Alan.

    True, it’s time to think beyond ATLS and up skill ED Physicians with all the lifesaving ED Procedures.

Thanks so much for following. Viva la #FOAMed

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