Aortic Emergencies with George Willis at #stemlynsLIVE

Back in late 2018 we gathered in Manchester for the inaugural #stemlynsLIVE conference. Our friend Dr George Willis gave a great talk on Aortic Emergencies. There are loads of great tips in here about diagnostics, medical management and how to manage the pericardial effusion. Personally I found this incredibly helpful and wished that I had heard it a few years ago as I, like many of you, have been humbled by aortic emergencies.

Watch the presentation here

This talk fits in well with the RCEM Think Aorta campaign and reminds me of old and new descriptions from esteemed colleagues ranging from Osler to Reed that the Aorta can really spoil your day, and that of the patient too!

Listen and watch George on how you can save your patient and yourself, then check out these excellent #FOAMed resources too.



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