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The Weary Wander. St.Emlyn’s

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After the joy and optimism of “Car Park Five” and it’s uplifting tunes I thought this should be balanced by something more reflective for the “Weary Wander” back to the car after a hectic shift in the ED. My brain is always buzzing when I leave work and without some form of audio wind down I find  it tricky to switch off and adjust back to “reality”. One of the joys about working in an ED is the endless variety, but this means that at the moment of “clocking off” emotions can be equally vaired from elation to melancholia and so this playlist trys to cover some of those bases. Of course, many of these songs focus on love (rather than specifically what it’s like to work in a busy hospital ED!) but I guess I have always considered my job to be a bit like an itinerant lover….

1, Bad Day – Daniel Powter

We’ve all had these – a bad day where you just want to forget all about it and “sing a sad song just to turn it around”

2, Fix You – Coldplay

The UK foursome may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this song seems to embody all we are trying to achieve in the ED. And sometimes we can’t….

3, The Roundabout – Shlolmo and the Lip Factory

One for parents of young children. A father describing the joy of taking his young daughter to a playground, reminds me of life beyond the Resus Room. And it does describe a little how it can sometimes feel going “round and round and round” in the ED. (I must admit this is also a self indulgent, personal choice as it is my brother singing the lead vocal!)

4, Gold in Them Hills – Ron Sexsmith

An optimistic lyric with a melancholy tune. A reminder that every day is the ED is a fresh start and no matter what today has thrown at you tomorrow will be better.

5, Let me be your Lover – Tom Hickox

This the tune I listen to after a difficult day in the Resus Room which reminds me about the importance of our patient’s families. This song was  also the soundtrack to this blog post.

6, One Day Like This – Elbow

After all of that reflective melancolia, a joyous finale, especially for those heading home after a night shift.

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Posted by Iain Beardsell

Dr Iain Beardsell. MBChB (Birm), DipIMC (RCS Ed), FRCEM is section lead for podcasts and Lesson Plans. Editorial Board Member St Emlyn’s blog and podcast. He is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at University Hospital Southampton and a Consultant in Pre Hospital Emergency Medicine. Iain qualified in 1998 and over the past 20 years has trained and practiced medicine in major teaching hospitals both in the UK and overseas. He has been a consultant at University Hospital Southampton for the past thirteen years, including a three year term as the unit’s Clinical Director. UHS is the main Major Trauma Centre for the South Coast region of England as well as the eighth largest hospital in the UK. Iain is also a highly regarded advisor to television medical dramas, including Casualty and Good Karma Hospital. An acclaimed speaker, Iain has spoken at international conferences in Australia, Ireland, Austria and Germany as well as across the UK. You will find him on twitter as @docib

  1. I always enjoy the Fray ‘How to save a life’ – was used wonderfully in Scrubs on one of the later seasons. A bit melancholic, but I feel better for hearing it.


    1. I must agree the Fray and Scrubs made for a sobering union.


  2. great. when’s the compilation CD coming out? Or is that just SOOO yesterday?? (-:


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