St.Emlyn’s #teamSimGB takes on the simwars SMACC2013 challenge

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If you are a critical care/EM physician and you love #FOAM then the must attend conference of 2013 is the Social Media and Critical Care conference in Sydney Australia March 11-13. The SMACC down under is going to be awesome (their hyperbole) with a fantastic set of speakers (in no particular order) including the likes of Scott Weingart, Mike Cadogan, Cliff Reid, Chris Nickson, Joe Lex, Anthony Holley, Victoria Brazil, Simon Finfer and John Myburgh. Seriously, it looks fantastic and a lot of fun. We are taking a team from St.Emlyn’s down under to take part and in particular to take on the rest of the world in an International SimWars competition.

Now, if you are unfamiliar with SimWars you can have a peek on youtube about other attempts worldwide. We are really excited about this, but there is some concern that all the scenarios might include biting, stinging things, or animals that are trying to eat you……., we hoped not so Minh le Cong of PHARM fame put together a little pre-SimWars session with Natalie May and myself.

So, if you can make it to Oz in March then do (it’s close to Easter, stay longer and go walkabout), and if you want to join #teamSimGB then let us know.


Simon Carley



More details on the conference from LITFL here.

Conference website for SMACC2013 here.

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