Right here, right now. Joe Lex at St.Emlyn’s.


At this exact moment Joe Lex is speaking in Manchester. He has decided to give his time freely to talk to the good EM folks in Virchester.

Sadly not everyone can come tonight, but that’s OK. We hope to record Joe’s talk and share on St.Emlyn’s very soon, but even if you can’t you can get a taste of Joe by listening to one of the greatest podcasts in the history of emergency medicine. His talks on ‘4o years on the frontline’ should in my opinion by required listening for everyone who works in the ED.

So, if you are not with us tonight, please click on the link below and listen to the great man wherever and whenever you are.

Joe Lex – 40 years on the frontline

Joe Lex with the #FFF at SMACC 2013
Joe Lex with the #FFF at SMACC 2013

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