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There are just a few days to go until the first (yes the very first) Royal College of Emergency Medicine conference right here at the home of St.Emlyns in Virchester (well Manchester to be precise).

Download the RCEM conference program here

The headline news is that it’s a total sell out. We have maxed out the conference capacity, social events, workshops and hotels. This is fantastic and reflects that even with the concerns about workforce and retention there is still a committed and excited group of UK emergency physicians.

So why is it a sell out? Lots of reasons of course. Let’s think.


Manchester is the city of my birth, where I went to school, university and now practice at one of the largest hospitals in the country. It’s an amazing city that I’m incredibly proud of. We might not have the best weather in the country but we are happy and ‘sound’. We have the greatest football team in the world – Manchester City , whom my grandfather played for as a goalkeeper (there is another club who use the Manchester name but they actually play in Salford).

Get in the mood with the sounds of #Madchester, home of the #Hacienda where I spent many of my dodgy nights as a student.

https://i0.wp.com/www.clashmusic.com/sites/default/files/legacy/files/hacienda_0.jpg?w=1280Hacienda logo.jpg






The international speakers

Rick Body and the organising committee have sought some of the greatest speakers in emergency medicine from across the world. If you haven’t heard some of these speakers before then you are in for an amazing treat. They are all SMACC speakers and so you know that the quality is going to be amazing. In no particular order…..

Scott Weingart is a great friend of St.Emlyn’s and is one of the most sought after speakers in the world. You probably know him from the EMCRIT podcast and blog, but he’s even better in the flesh. Don’t miss his opening lecture on the EM mindset, plus his talks on sepsis and trauma. Scott never dissapoints.

Salim Rezaie is another US emergency physician with a career that is rocketing through his blend of online and in person teaching and clinical excellence. He runs the R.E.B.E.L. EM site where you can find in depth reviews on the latest EM evidence – and how to apply it. Salim is speaking on the links between #FOAMed and academia and is also in the session with me on the last day. He is bringing the essence of EM to Manchester and I hope that’s as fragrant as it sounds.

Cliff Reid will need no introduction. UK born, Sydney based. Cliff has done more to make me think about how I practice and teach EM than anyone else. I’m really looking forward to his talk on what it takes to be at the cutting edge of EM. He is, I’m not, but I aspire to be as good as he is. Check out Resus.Me for more on Cliff’s work and courses. Someone please steal his passport so that he has to stay…..

Kerstin Hogg is a Virchester alumnus who now practices in Canada. She did her PhD with us on VTE management and now leads the service in Canada. There is nothing she does not know about VTE and anticoagulation.

Jeremy Faust is leading a workshop on music and EM. This is a subject I’m really interested in as there are many overlaps between performance and medicine. I’m really excited to see Jeremy again as he is such a super chap. Clinically excellent, multi-talented and a great presenter. This will be a must see session.

Michael Mallin and Matt Dawson will be presenting Sonowars on Tuesday. If you want to know more about Sonowars then check this link out.  This has been an amazing highlight at SMACC and they will bring a little of that magic to Manchester. Even if you think you know your probes then this will take you to a higher level. Matt and Mike run the USS podcast that, in their words ‘Makes horrible doctors decent and good doctors GREAT’.




I know all these speakers and I can tell you that they are really approachable, really nice, really funny, spectacularly beautiful people (well most of them are) and they really want to meet you. Please go up to them, say hi, tell them about your hopes, dreams and aspirations. They are hear to teach, but also to learn so go say hello, I promise you that they will be delighted to hear what you have to say.

The local talent.

Too many to mention but so many friends of #FOAMed and St.Emlyn’s will be there that this is going to feel like a reunion party, Mark Wilson, Gareth Davies, Jon Argall, Kath Henderson, Damian Roland, Linda Dykes, Alasdair Corfield, Cliff Mann, Karim Brohi, Jeremy Tong, Ross Fisher, Roy Lilley, plus many many more who you might not know through social media, but all of whom have been selected on the basis of talent.

Then of course there is the St.Emlyn’s team. Nat, Janos, Dan, Iain, Rick and myself will all be presenting across the week and we will be blogging, tweeting, and hopefully videoing our talks to share here on the site.

So get in the mood with some tunes from the heyday of Manchester and remember the hashtags. #RCEM15 is the official one, though I quite like #MadchesterEM

The social program.

Officially there is the reception drinks meeting on Monday and the Dinner itself on the Tuesday. Both of these will be excellent but I know that they are oversubscribed. Don’t worry though. Virchester is one the greatest places in the world for nightlife. Find a friend, make a date, party on. If you need any tips find one of the St.Emlyn’s team [we might have plans for karaoke 🙂 – Nat] and ask (or anyone local).

So you didn’t book in time?

Don’t worry. St.Emlyn’s, RCEM FOAMed, HEFTcast and the college will be sharing content as best we can. Even if you’re not with us in the greatest of UK cities you can join us through twitter, blogs, periscope and podcast.

My challenge for you.

I defy anyone to come to this conference and not leave without being inspired, invigorated and happier. Welcome to Manchester and please come say hi to everyone, especially the St.Emlyn’s team. See you Monday, or if you’re on the USS workshop I’ll see you on Sunday.


Mad for it




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  2. Not coming (all [most] of my colleagues are on leave – lightweights…) so I’ll have to be passing on the love to the Suffolkish vicariously through Twitter – keep the content coming!

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