Monthly Round Up Podcast May 2024

Podcast – May 2024 Monthly Round Up – RCEM conference highlights, being EPIC and more

Welcome to the St Emlyn’s Monthly Podcast, your go-to source for the latest insights, developments, and discussions in emergency medicine and critical care. Each month, Simon and Iain will bring you in-depth analysis, evidence-based practices, and practical advice to enhance your clinical practice and professional development. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just starting your journey in the field, our podcast aims to provide valuable knowledge and foster a community of learning and support.

In this round-up of May 2024, we talk about a wide range of issues relating to emergency medicine, including highlights from the RCEM conference, including the future management of head injury, crowding, RATing and what it takes to be an awesome ED for training, as well as discussion about the use of ChatGPT for medical exam, serratus anterior blocks for rib fractures, whether first pass success matters and the return of measles.

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Listening Time – 35:06
Introduction00:00 – 01:45
Highlights from the RCEM Conference02:25 – 17:50
Being an Emergency Physician in Charge (EPIC)17:51 – 23:53
Can AI write medical exams?23:54 – 25:46
Serratus Anterior Plane Blocks for rib fractures25:47 – 30:27
Does first pass success matter?30:28 – 31:49
Measles – An ancient foe for modern times31:50 – 34:00
Coda34:00 – 35:06

Highlights from RCEM CPD Conference

We discuss some of the highlights from the RCEM CPD conference held in Newport.

In his Maurice Ellis lecture, Gareth Grier focused on trauma care, particularly head injury and hemorrhage. He reflected on the evolution from 2006’s uniform treatment approach to a more nuanced, pathology-specific strategy in 2024, despite unchanged outcomes over the years. Grier anticipates future improvements like bystander-initiated airway management to mitigate hypoxic injuries immediately after trauma. The lecture also touched on promising biomarker research and innovative treatments in development, aiming to advance emergency responses and outcomes significantly by 2035.

Adrian Boyle, in his presidential address, underscored the severe strains on emergency care systems, marked by long ED waits and significant workforce challenges, including burnout and fatigue. Despite these pressures, the dedication to emergency medicine remains strong among professionals. Boyle emphasized the need for better advocacy and resources to support the workforce and improve emergency care system performance.

THere’s much more to read in the comprehensive blog post here

An Epic Mental Model

The EPiC mental model, discusses the EPiC (emergency physician in charge) role in emergency medicine. It introduces a conceptual framework called “circles of care” to manage and prioritize patient care workflows in emergency departments. The model focuses on maintaining safety and quality care through structured decision-making that balances patient needs, staff welfare, and system capabilities. The author also emphasizes the importance of staff, space, resources, and systems in executing this role effectively.

We all have our own systems for when we are ‘in charge’ of the ED, but this gives a useful framework to work with.

Can AI write medical exams?

Can ChatGPT write good clinical vignettes and MCQs? This post explores the use of ChatGPT in generating clinical vignettes and multiple-choice questions for medical assessments. The article reviews a study assessing ChatGPT’s effectiveness compared to human-created material. The results indicate that ChatGPT can generate viable medical education content, though there are challenges in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the AI-generated information.

Serratus Anterior Plane Blocks for rib fractures

Are serratus anterior plane blocks good for analgesia in rib fractures? This study which found that SAPBs, when added to standard care, significantly reduced pain and opioid use in patients. The post also considers the practical application of SAPBs in emergency settings, noting the simplicity of the procedure and its potential to improve pain management outcomes.

Does First Pass Success matter?

Should first-pass success (FPS) during pre-hospital intubation should be a significant outcome measure in research. The discussion is based on a retrospective study analyzing FPS’s correlation with 30-day mortality in patients treated by Finnish helicopter emergency medical services. The findings suggest that FPS, while important for immediate clinical outcomes, does not significantly impact long-term survival, prompting a reevaluation of its importance as a sole performance indicator.

Simon and Iain discuss whether this really is a marker of success, and whether we should be using other outcomes as well.

Measles – An ancient foe for modern times

There has been a resurgence of measles, emphasizing its high contagion and the critical role of vaccination. The post details the symptoms, transmission, and severe complications associated with measles, such as encephalitis and pneumonia. It stresses the importance of the MMR vaccine in prevention and highlights the challenges posed by falling vaccination rates and misinformation.

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