SMACC is not just about #FOAM, it’s also about #FOAMaoke. #FOAMaoke was invented by Natalie May as a way of releasing all that medical education energy that bubbles up from the best conference in the world.

Nobody has yet owned up to singing this (Ed – if you can describe it as singing), but if we find out we’ll let you know. Words are at the end of this post if you want to join us for some SMACCtastic FOAMaoke in Australia.

Flashmob anyone for a choral rendition…..we know a good pianist 😉



PS – It wasn’t me.



‘Imagine #FOAMed’

Imagine there’s no text books

It’s easy if you try

No outdated dogma

On dusty shelves piled high


Imagine all med students

Learning for today


Imagine there’s no journals

It isn’t hard to do

No peer reviewers

And open access too


Imagine all researchers

Publishing as FOAM




You may say that we’re dreamers

But we’re not the only ones

We hope some day you’ll join us

And the world will live for FOAM


Imagine no professions

I wonder if you can

No paid subscriptions

To the Royal College of Man


Imagine all clinicians

Sharing all they learn




You may say that we’re dreamers (We’re not really)

But we’re not the only ones (There’s quite a lot of us)

We hope some day you’ll join us

And the world will live for FOAM


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Posted by Simon Carley

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  1. Count me in! SMACC, FOAM, karaoke and flashmob?? Too good to be true!


Thanks so much for following. Viva la #FOAMed

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