CODA ZERO update: Gender and Ethics

This week I should be on my way to Australia for the CODA Change conference. For obvious reasons I am not going and am sat at home in Manchester enjoying the last remnants of the EuSEM conference and looking forward to the RCEM virtual scientific conference in a few weeks.

What of CODA though? Although the conference has been postponed they have been really busy putting together a series of online webinars linked to the main themes that we were going to be running in Melbourne. These series of online events are designed to get us all thinking and to act as a call to action across a global community of #FOAMed affiliated blogs, podcasts, teachers, learners, clinicians and others.

This week we are focusing on Ethics: Gender Inequality and Racism in healthcare. These are not new themes to CODA but it’s good to see them being release early and with excellent content.

First up is Kate Ahmed on gender equality in healthcare. Click on this link to watch the video.

Over the course of the week we have more to come with the talks below. I can’t post all the links yet as they are not released but if you follow @codachange you will be able to get them as soon as they are released.

Date: 21-SepName of the talk: Conversation 1: Kate Ahmad Not someone else’s problem: Advocacy on gender inequity in healthcare
22-SepConversation 2: Elizabeth Broderick Complications of COVID-19: Exacerbation of existing gendered inequality
23-SepConversation 3: Amy Thunig Equity, Education & Healthcare: What is the legacy of white supremacy?
24-SepConversation 4: Lauren Powell What does hate look like?
25-SepEPISODE 2: CODA ETHICS Full Episode (all 4 conversations)

The first series of webinars were on Sepsis, and still to come are Education which I’m speaking at, and on Earth later this year. You can get tickets for all of these on the links below.

CODA podcasts


St Emlyn’s has always worked closely with the CODA (ex SMACC) team and we’re delighted to play a small part in this latest venture. They’re not afraid to tackle the biggest issues facing us across the globe and whilst it might be argued that it’s a hugely ambitious project, without ambition we cannot have change.

Enjoy this week’s content and please join us in the future when we support and collaborate the aims of CODA: Sepsis, Equality, Education, Earth.



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