April Podcast Round Up

It’s been another busy month at St Emlyn’s, with the publication of 15 blog posts and five podcasts, but there does seem to be an awful lot to talk about!

Of course there have been multiple posts and podcasts about COVID-19, and you can fiind all of these on our special St Emlyn’s page. Highlights have included the three RCEM/St Emlyn’s Webinars which we are delighted to host in podcast form.

It’s not just been coronavirus though, we have also dipped out toes into exercise and nutrition, graphic design and horticulture!

Parts of the site have also undergone a bit of a redesign with the curriculum pages now easier to navigate to find that post to fioll an e-portfolio hole.

We hope you’re finding all of our output useful. Please do subscribe to the website (in the top right hand corner) and rate our podcast on iTunes.

They’ll be much more to come in May I am sure.

Take care


Podcast editing by Izzy Carley

Cite this article as: Iain Beardsell, "April Podcast Round Up," in St.Emlyn's, May 3, 2020, https://www.stemlynsblog.org/april-podcast-round-up/.

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